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The Mysterious Crow

A mysterious crow appeared to a lonely young man "Oh my world!" exclaimed Allan, who had just realized he had dozed off under a tree...

Minda’s dream catcher: the chapter will initiate. Chapter 4

The chapter will initiate soon, it is said. A mysterious dream catcher has aroused even more of a spirit of inquiry, now that it...

Minda’s dream catcher: a trickster spirit story. Chapter 3

A certain trickster spirit has stirred the story and now a cause of concern. A dream catcher souvenir of a special kind has...

Minda’s dream catcher: A hidden spider story. Chapter 2

A native american story, a hidden spider story. The second chapter of this intriguing short story series surrounding the mysterious dream catcher, or as...

Minda’s dream catcher: a native American story. Chapter 1

Dream catcher, save me from the darkness in my soul. Dream catcher, let me see the future I don't know. Help me hold on...

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