Helping the stray cat

The stray cat who is helped by kind-hearted children

Eva was asleep, all enjoying her dreams. “My dear, get up for breakfast. We’ll all be waiting for you,” says Grandmother. “OK, Granny. I’ll get a shower and be ready in time for breakfast, and I’ll be there in no time,” Eva says. She wears her favorite clothes and dashes downstairs to eat her breakfast. “Good morning, everyone,” she says.

“You are looking beautiful,” says her Grandmother. “Thanks, granny,” she answers. They finished their breakfast and then talked for a while. “So you have your summer vacations. What special you’ll do during these holidays?” asks his father. “I have not decided yet. I will think about it,” answered Eva.

Eva was 15 years old. She was so loving and caring.

Eva goes to play with her friends. Eva had many friends who lived in her neighborhood. It was a community with many houses near each other. Everyone was good to each other, and it was a peaceful place. “Hey Eva, are you ready for the cricket match today?” asks Harry.

“Yeah, I am ready. Where are the others?” She asks. They all are coming. Eva and Harry talk for a while, and then others join them. “HEYYYY YOU BOTH, so are you ready to lose the match?” Say Louis while laughing. “WHAT A JOKE LOUIS, you know our team will beat you,” says Harry.

“We’ll see who will win,” answers Louis. Their other friends join them. They all play together and then go back to their homes. At night Eva was reading a book. She hears an unusual sound. She goes to the window of her room to see where the sound is coming from.

A stray red tabby cat with green eyes on the other side of the road was hurt. It was freezing, and the cat was in pain. “Now, what should I do? The cat is in pain. But it’s late at night, and no one will let me walk outdoor. Even they won’t let me bring that cat near our houses as she is a stray cat,” Eva hushes.

“I can’t sit idle and see the cat in pain,” she says to herself. She goes outside and sees everyone is sleeping. She quietly picks some food from the kitchen, a blanket so that she can put it on that stray cat, and a first aid box. She opens the door and picks a torch. She crosses the road and goes to the poor cat.

Stray Cat/ Photo by Dimitris Vetsikas on Pixabay

“OH DEAR, YOU ARE IN PAIN. What happened to you,” Eva asks him. “My name is Jack Brushwood, and yesterday, I got hit by a car. That’s why I am injured. No one helped me. I am lying here helpless from yesterday. I am homeless. Why don’t people help stray cats like us? You are the one who came to see me at this time,” He answers.

“Don’t worry. I will help you. Look, I have food and bandages for you,” says Eva. “That is so nice of you. No one here ever did this for me as we are not allowed in this community as people think we are not good. You are such a good person,” says Jack.

Eva feeds him. She lays the blanket over him so he won’t be cold. She bandaged his wound. “Thank you very much,” Jack says. Eva assures him she will always be there for him. She returns home and considers getting Jack, the stray cat, a little hut to stay in.

Eva keeps thinking about it and then sleeps. She wakes up the next day and ponders it again. “Yes, I think I should make some money, and then from that money, I can make a hut for Jack on the empty ground near the road. Jack will be safe then, but I wish I could make a hut for him in our community. Well, that can’t be possible,” she says to herself.

She couldn’t ask for money from her parents as they would get to know about Jack in that way. She hit upon a plan. “MOM, DAD, I am doing an activity. I am going to make cupcakes and will sell them in the community. I want to do something,” she says. “Yeah, you can do anything you enjoy in your summer vacations,” her parents reply.

Eva was good at making cupcakes. She made many cupcakes, and by selling them, she got enough money to make a hut for Jack. “Eva, what is so special? You are doing all this for what?” asks Louis. “I don’t know if I should share this thing with you all or not,” she replies. “Come on, we are your friends. You can share anything with us without any hesitation,” he replies. She tells his friends the whole story about Jack, the stray cat.

“WOOWW, what a good deed you did, you helped him. We all also want to be a part of it. What you did really inspired me a lot,” says Harry.

Now inspired by Eva’s goodness, they all decide to become a part of the work. They all were now ready to help Jack. “OK, so what do we have to do to make the hut?” asks Anna. “We have to get the wood from the forest, hammer, nuts, paints to make the hut,” answers Eva.

Forest Path / Photo by Robert_C on Pixabay

“So who’ll go to the forest? Let’s divide into teams,” says Harry. “Yeah, that is a good idea,” answers Eva. “So Eva, will you join me to get the woods from the forest?” asks Harry. “Yeah, of course, it will be fun going there, and you know how much I like to travel,” answers Eva.

“OK, so we’ll go there in some time as we have to come back before the sunsets. Louis, Anna, and Peter will go and get paints and other things from the market,” says Harry.

They all were ready. After some time, Harry and Eva leave to get the woods from the forest. They really enjoyed themselves there while getting to the woods. Others also got the things that were needed for the hut.

The next day, they all were ready to make the hut. “What are you kids doing?” asks Uncle Jimmy. “WE…E…E… are doing nothing,” answers Harry fearfully. “I know what you kids are up to; you are making the hut for Jack the stray cat. Right,” says Uncle Jimmy.

“Yeah, we are making a hut for him as he is helpless. We can’t see him like that. We should be good enough to help others. What if you don’t get a place to sleep, don’t get food, etc.? Will you feel good and happy? I know you definitely will not. Then how can you see him in this condition,” says Eva.

“I will not let you kids make the hut, Not even on the other side of the community here. Stop telling me what is right,” says Uncle Jimmy.

He scolds the kids and takes all the things with him so that they can’t make the hut. The kids were sad. Later, Uncle Jimmy realized that Eva was right. How good she is that she thinks so good and helps others. Uncle Jimmy also gets inspired by her kindness, and he allows the kids to make the hut for Jack inside the community. They all were so happy, and even Jack, the stray cat, was delighted that he got a new home. Every day, all the community members gave food to Jack and anything he needed. He was so happy to be loved by all of them, and the life of Jack became so good.

Author's writing style: Simplicity and Clarity, Character-Centric, Dialogues, Themes of Kindness and Empathy, Moralistic Tone, Narrative Flow, Visualization and Imagery, Lesson and Resolution, Community Engagement.

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