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What unconditional love means?! [True story]

How would you define unconditional love? For many, love is pure self-love. They like the idea that unconditional love is the deeper meaning of life,...

The Mysterious Crow

"Oh my world!" exclaimed Allan, who had just realized he had dozed off under a tree house on his farm land. He had totally...

Top 5 Europe’s Mystical places

Starting from the popular Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Bermuda Triangle, Blood Falls, Reed Flute Cave, Door To Hell, and continuing into an endless list,...

Hagia Sophia: Facts, History, Myths You Don’t Know

One of Istanbul's most popular destinations for visitors is Hagia Sophia, officially known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom. This Byzantine church is...

Body Language: Tips and Tricks

Human communication is complex and, as you may already know, it doesn’t concern exclusive words. Other than our voices, we communicate with our silence,...
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