The Mysterious Crow

A mysterious crow appeared to a lonely young man

“Oh my world!” exclaimed Allan, who had just realized he had dozed off under a tree house on his farm land. He had totally lost track of time and it had gotten so late beyond his usual time of leaving. He rapidly finished the rest of his job and dashed home, where his mother was already waiting, terrified for his safety because this had never occurred before. 

Allan’s elderly mother, Sarah, began to protest.

“You had me worried sick all day, my beloved son. You already know how bad my eyesight is. Why did you decide to punish me like this today? ” She continued before Allan could say anything. 

“Why do you want me to get sick? If you would just consider me and get a bride that would keep me company and give you a reason to never return late, wouldn’t we all be happy? “

On hearing this last statement of hers, Allan was quickly thrown into a bad mood because he had just cast his mind back on his previously failed attempts at finding love. His previous relationships ended in misery, and the last one had left him shattered for some time, such that he gave up on ever having a chance to love. The only person he could now love in the whole wide world was his mother, Sarah, and she had just broken his heart with her words. Allan looked for solace in his heart, but he couldn’t find it, so he told Sarah, “Mother, let me be for a while.” I have to go out now to get something that I forgot over at the farm, but just in case I don’t come back tonight, be aware that I have gone to my friend’s place, that is Stephan” He lied.

He just needed an excuse to leave the house without her worrying because he still hadn’t come back. Then he left.

Allan intended to spend the remainder of the night at the farm home, if only to clear his thoughts, unaware that his life was about to take an unexpected turn. Even though darkness was approaching, Allan did not withdraw; he continued on his trek and arrived at his farm house. While walking, he continued thinking about what his life had become and whether he would actually lie sick on his deathbed alone in his old age with no one by his side.

He then lay down to rest when he arrived at the farm home, but after a few minutes, he heard some rustling outside. He disregarded the sounds, reasoning that they may have been from his farm animals, and then he relaxed once again. The noise came again, and this time it was louder, so he couldn’t pretend to believe it was the animals that were rattling. This time he sensed a presence, the type you get when you’re alone but can’t shake the impression that someone is there. “Is there anyone there?” Allan inquired, but received no response. He got quite concerned at this point since the noise was growing stronger, no one was admitting to being there, and the noise was significantly louder than could come from any of the animals he had on his farm.

Allan thought to himself, “Yes, you have to be a man.” right? What’s the worst that might happen anyway?” 

He had the courage to step outside and pick up his short gun and a torch, despite his heart thumping, beating far too swiftly and sinking at the same time.

It was a crow when he got outdoors. “Is it only a crow?” He pondered this and then returned inside, where he briefly considered his options. But how could a crow, a little bird, produce such a big noise and have such an influence on my farm house? “Something is certainly wrong, and I need to figure out what it is.” Allan went back outside and then stepped closer to the crow, but something odd happened: the closer he got to the crow, the larger it became.

Mysterious Crow
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“It must be the lack of sleep I’ve been getting that’s messing with my mind and eyes,” Allan purported, pausing to wipe his eyes. He persisted, and the same thing happened again and again. He didn’t contemplate taking to his heels despite his copious perspiration and had the guts to keep pushing.

The closer he got, the more enigmatic the sequence of events became. It was obvious to him that the crow had not only grown to a thousand times its usual size but was also altering its shape. There was no scientific explanation for what he was going through right now. He wondered to himself how he was going to explain this event to his friends and mother, as he knew they wouldn’t believe him, and for a second he also asked himself, “Why do I care who would believe my tale when there is a likelihood that I won’t even make it out alive?”

He finally got close enough to see the massive crow morph, and then he became numb. The gun and torch he brought out with him tumbled out of his hands before he realized what was going on. The enormous crow has transformed into an extremely stunning young woman. He had never seen a woman like her before. She had long brown hair that swept over her well-rounded hips and waist, finely formed blue eyes, an average height, and her skin was simply flawless.

“Are you simply going to stare at me all night or are you going to say something?” the mystery lady asked.

Allan couldn’t help but scream at the top of his lungs at this point, but it didn’t seem to matter because the farm house was on the outskirts of town and nobody would hear him. He then planned to take off immediately to his mother’s house on his heels, but his legs were paralyzed by fear, and she said to him.

“Be calm, Allan.”

“How did she figure out my name? He thought to himself, “She’s obviously a witch.”

“I am not a witch,” she said. “My name is Gaia.”

“How did you come to know my name and read my thoughts?” Anyway, I really don’t care what your name is or who you are; please let me go and don’t harm me.”

” I have no intention of harming you, or I would have done so the moment I arrived and left. “Once you are quiet, I will tell you all you need to know,” Gaia stated.

Allan took some time to settle down and process the events, but he eventually did.

“What precisely are you, and if you aren’t here to hurt me, what then is your mission?” “Because you couldn’t have just teleported all this way to sit with me beside my farm house?” he asked her.

“It’s perfectly fair to think of me as your guardian angel who has been watching over you all your life, and my goal here is to help you achieve happiness at last,” Gaia said.

Allan asked her where she had been all his life, and she explained she had been watching him all along, waiting for the right time to show up, which she eventually did because he was at his darkest hour.

The explanation didn’t sit well with him, but she didn’t look like she was going to hurt him.

He started to enjoy her company not long after they were together; she was highly engaging and had a great sense of humor. Allan had lost track of time and didn’t care if it was nearing dawn or not, and then she invited him to come for a stroll with her. While they conversed, he followed her and held her hands.

He relished every moment he spent with her, unaware that they had passed through a portal and entered another dimension of the cosmos, such that he was no longer in his hometown.

While the days and nights passed, they continued to enjoy one another’s company.

Gaia also had no trouble getting along with Allan, since he was a charming young man who was a good listener and had a nice sense of humour.

Allan had forgotten about the circumstances surrounding their meeting as well as everything else around him, including his mother and friend; what he did all day was gaze at his new beloved and concentrate on making pleasant memories with her, as that was all that mattered at the time.

Events happened so quickly that they had fallen madly in love before they even realized it. At this time, all they cared about was their love for one another and how they would spend the rest of their lives together. Nothing seemed to matter to them as they had begun to plan their future.

Finally, Allan has found happiness after falling completely in love with the woman of his dreams, his perfect woman, and it seemed that the feelings were mutual, as Gaia cared for him equally.

Kiss at Dawn
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“Let us go for a walk, my darling; let us go down to the river and swim,” Gaia said to Allan.

They headed off to the river to have a bath, and after stripping off their clothing and playing in the water to their hearts’ content, they relaxed beneath the shade of a giant tree in the woods, where they both fell asleep.

Allan sensed a change in the environment immediately after he awoke, and he was back at his farm house. It didn’t concern him since, after all, that was where the journey began. It didn’t matter to him when he returned to his family with his sweetheart if it was sooner or later. Allan raced around the farm, calling for his beloved, but she had apparently departed, leaving a note inside the house that read, “wasn’t meant to be.” He couldn’t believe his joy ride had just come to an end. A lot of her began to flash through his mind. Allan sobbed as the realization hit him that he was probably meant to be alone forever.

He then walked back to his mother’s house, expecting her to be worried sick because he had been gone for several weeks, only to realize it was just morning and that all those weeks he had spent with the mystery crow turned Gaia in the other universe had been nothing more than a night in the real world, and Allan wept sore.

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Ellis's writing style: Descriptive Narration, Introspection and Inner Monologue, Dialogue, Imagery, Emotional Focus, Pacing and Time Manipulation, Mystery and Intrigue, Themes.

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