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12 Paradox Statements That Will Blow Your Mind

Etymology of paradox statements It will interest you to know that the word paradox comes from the Greek words "para" - ("against") and "Doxa" -...

Hagia Sophia: Facts and Myths, You Don’t Know

One of Istanbul's most popular destinations for visitors is Hagia Sophia, officially known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom. This Byzantine church is...

While teaching we learn – “Discendo discimus”

A Roman philosopher Seneca was an upholder of this idea. "While teaching we learn" is a dialogue between two doctors who heal each other...

Pyramid Mysteries Unravelled

The pyramid was one of the first forms of great monumental architecture built by man. It is the most mathematically complete structure in the...

Facts about numbers 0 to 9

Facts about numbers 0 to 9 are all about this post is. Numbers are a tool we use to express some quantity, but not...

Famous quotes about how precious life is

List of famous life quotes Famous quotes can be very helpful when you don’t know what you want out of life. Life itself is...

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