Phoenix’s lifeless outlook

A man meets Phoenix and asks him about the life paradoxes

Lord of fire, what is the most important human trait? I began to doubt that it was not empathy. “Empathy has never been, though it will become in the future. Power is the most important human trait and will be the most important until 2150.” This is just how he disturbs me every time, with his twisted answers. How can power be a human trait? Wait a moment, if it’s not, what is it then, in which category do I put it in? Material or spiritual wealth? Knowledge, capital, or reputation?

Knowledge isn’t power because the majority is lost in this world of information priorities or cannot apply what it has learned or don’t know what to learn. And even if they do all these, they don’t enjoy security and respect. Life is too short for it, what is the purpose then? Capital is certainly not power, because the more I have it, the less I find trust and self-serenity. Reputation is also not power because it is easy to dissipate.

What did Lord think of, when he said power, I wonder? By consulting philosophical books, I see that there are very different opinions. Weber defines something else, as domination or hegemony, which is absurd. Nietzsche is as spectacular as ever but still does not want to try to define it.

My lord, does man through power moves faster to the top of the pyramid of happiness? Is happiness really at the top? “No, just the other way around, from happiness to the progression to power, man doesn’t really want unfulfilled happiness.” “Relish is in the sense of power, like when I shoot fire and fly, do you think my goal is getting everything burned around me?”

Without affect, the states that give the most sense of power disappear, hence relish. Remember this: Man doesn’t arise only when his mother brings him to the world, but his life compels him to rebirth himself more than once. Looking for your “pyramid and its top”, remember that you need to change and adapt quickly.

Phoenix presenting Power
Phoenix presenting Power / Photo by skylarvision on Pixabay

Lord, don’t you think your thoughts are too negative? “No, thoughts cannot have their own gender, to be positive or negative. The thoughts are just how they are, every deviation is hypocrisy and nurturing mediocrity in the people, who proudly exhort the public by promoting their ignorance and shame to those same mediocre foolish masses. I am, above all, a realist. Cynical would be to exaggerate or shrink my attitude if my mission is universal goodness and truth. Therefore, around your thoughts, build a fence, so that it would not happen, for example, that kitsch and thrash stray in them.”

“You did not figure out the answer from the first day, and you want me to explain how our telepathic connection works? Hard … My power will soon be realized because I will be present in everybody’s pocket, and my tears are gonna heal civilization.”

You mentioned universal goodness. Is this true: “Good people are all weak, they are good because they are not strong enough to be evil?” “Where did you hear this foolishness, I know that it’s not the product of your thoughts, because you know that it is untruthful, but you want an explanation: It’s true that weak people cannot be evil because they sooner or later fall on the first obstacle, risk, and temptation. On the other hand, there is no greater evil than the will for the good, so a person grown this way is the most popular with the ignorant people and such, who renounce the evil, stay away from, you cannot help them. “

“In your search for a pyramid, you will be confronted to morale, then you will understand why power is important. It is, among other things, the ability, to go towards yourself, to be something else. Don’t take it literally. For example, the queen in chess is really powerful, but all her ability and speed are insufficient without the help of other pieces, so don’t think that you can manage to do it by yourself. People are, you’ll see, like drugs, like shame, are not interested in who you are, and only with death you become their hero.

Out of this, it seems to me that it is a very thorny path with many serious obstacles. I’m really envious of you, you’re flying and got superpowers. “Of course, I’m flying, I’m a bird, and you have those I like, don’t you say that your empathy is a stronger side?” “I’m hiding my superpowers from my race. Otherwise, I could never fly with them together in a yoke.

You see, any deviation from standardization brings you trouble, so in a cage with monkeys, act like a monkey and they will quickly accept you, even people in the zoo will find it harder to notice you are a man. Make yourself a mask. Cover your face. Use your resources of camouflage and manipulation. Dream and search forever. “

Why me? Do you have other followers pointing to the top of the pyramid? “I don’t what it is at your peak, I came to my own and now I’m gone, but I will soon revive again from the ashes, however, with another role and the other appearance. I’m not alive, I’m just an alter Ego here. I want to wake the best vibrations and intensify the virtues in you.

Phoenix's Rebirth
Phoenix’s Rebirth / Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Your bravery coming from the heart is what you need to be scared of. Know your fears. A brave man is picked up in the toughest moments. And then show your unwavering character. Fire is shaping gold, likewise, trouble the brave man.”

I feel confused. In fact, I don’t know how we talk and even more about what you want to forewarn me about. “I’ll read the letter I prepared a long time ago, but I have never had the courage to hand it to you.

It ends this way: So much more I wanted to give to those who love me. I’m glad I managed to keep a consequential role. The heat ran out, too many wounds in me, only time will show. I’m needed somewhere else to remind us of the shortness of our time. I’m still living in you, I look at your deeds as if they were mine, and my dream is being fulfilled. You don’t owe us anything, it is unconditional love. Bury my dreams, dig out my soul. And remember, be like me, daring, brave, independent, fearless, Eleftherios … “

33-year old writer with the following areas of interest: spirituality, symbolic meanings, perplexing situations, human rising, supernatural and paranormal world, energy outsourcing, frequency influence on humans, color theory.

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