Piercing sound

A young woman began to hear a piercing sound

“No… P-please no. Don’t…” I was shaking my head, squirming, trying to wake up from my dreadful dream. I tore my eyes open, panting and gasping for air. I was drenched in sweat and my breathing was shallow. I looked around frantically, alarmed. I groaned, covered my ears with both hands, and closed my eyes tightly. The same sound again.

Life has been hard for me, to say the least. I grew up in an orphanage, not knowing where I came from, who I am? I financed my studies with the help of student loans. I secured a decent job and believed it would help me live in peace, but the heavens had other plans.

I started to hear these weird sounds that would make me restless beyond words. It sounded like the wailing of a mystic spirit in the night. It was very different. It constricted my heart every time as if it were calling out to me. I searched about every instrument, attended almost every single musical, but it was useless. I even went to a therapy session because I thought something was wrong with my head, but came to the conclusion that it was my ugly fate. But doing nothing was even more torturing, so I took a work leave. Maybe a vacation would stop it? How naive I was.

I began to travel through different cities and countries. In some places, the sounds became unbearably loud, and sometimes it would become very faint. After years of agonizing experience, I began to understand and came to the conclusion that the sounds become fainter as I get closer to the source of the noise, and that they haunt me until I return when I get farther away. Just as the sounds increase when I stop looking for the source.

hearing piercing sound

I visited various temples, churches, and even some shamans and fortune-tellers if someone could guide me, but they weren’t much help. However, one monk told me about the legend of the ice. Millions of years ago, a great kingdom possessed a stone rumored to be made of ice. It was a mysterious element but had the most resemblance with ice, though it did not melt. It was a sacred stone known to possess powers beyond anyone’s knowledge and wisdom. It was passed down the generations of the king and was an incredible creation and a mighty gift of the moon goddess.

But it could not be kept safe when wars broke out over the palace, each in greed for infinite power.

But the stone was not found.

Many kings lost their armies searching for the mysterious element, but it was useless. The stone knew how to protect itself. Legends say that it would be given to a sacred soul free of darkness, a descendant of its rightful owner. Someone with the wisdom to use it justly and a pure heart with no ill intentions.

The stone would call out to the soul.

Listening to such stories, my curiosity skyrocketed. Nothing could explain the origin of such a sound. I made my way north. Perhaps the ice itself could answer me, I thought. I followed the intensity of sound and mapped my journey.

One day the piercing sound stopped. I thought that perhaps my suffering was over and was ecstatic. But it gave way to an excruciatingly deep sound as if the wind were howling. It was melodic in its own way and hypnotized me to itself. My feet began to move of their own accord until I reached a frozen lake. The lake was majestic. It was surrounded by a dense forest that was completely hidden from the world. It was exceptionally beautiful with its purple and blue hues.

ice lake

I looked around in complete awe and suddenly felt eyes on my back. I turned and saw several figures in the forest. They were moving forward at a steady pace, scaring the hell out of me. Instinctively, I backed away. Part of my mind was focused on the potential danger posed by the wild creatures, but the other part was completely transfixed by the strong sound of the lake.

With a blink of an eye, the wolves rushed forward, tearing massive cracks in the ice and stopping some distance from me. I wanted desperately to focus on the danger before me, but my mind, my soul drew my attention back to the sound.

I moved toward the mesmerizing sound and the thin ice cracked a little more under my weight. But I was in a rut and kept moving, not caring about the massive cracks that had appeared.

I was possessed.

Suddenly the ice broke further and I fell into the lake. I should have panicked, but no other emotion arose except the desire to reach the source of the sound. With the water around me, I drowned deeper.

I could breathe.

In the distance, I saw light illuminating from a beautiful crystal. I swam towards it. It’s the stone.

ice stone

It was breathtakingly beautiful and shone in all its glory. I reached out my hand to touch it. The moment I touched it, a great flame erupted, engulfing the entire lake. I felt a great power flow through my veins.

It belonged to me. For the first time in my life, I felt that my existence had meaning. I found my life worthwhile. Heaven had plans for me. This was it.

I was a queen.

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