Pyramid Mysteries Unravelled

The pyramid was one of the first forms of great monumental architecture built by man. It is the most mathematically complete structure in the world. The word “pyramid” comes from the Greek “pyro”, which means fire, and “amide”, which means “to be in the middle”. Fire is one of the four cosmological properties of the universe next to the earth, water and air. As used in ancient teaching, fire is defined as universal energy. The fire in the centre is an apt description of the natural energy of life located in the centre of the pyramid. Ancient civilizations were convinced that man is connected to the eternal universe by pyramids, i.e. a vital force that fills the universe. It is symbolically believed that the pyramids are structures of the “holy mountain” or “place of God.” The square base represents “House of Wisdom”, which is firmly grounded in nature and its constant laws.

power of pyramid


The pyramids are powerful objects that create a huge single-line vortex energy and send it to the Earth’s magnetic field. The corners of the pyramid represent silence, depth, intelligence and truth. The pyramids help reduce the levels of stress and tension in the physical body with the help of its perfect light tool. Vortex is a term for alignment with the Universal Source of Life Energy. Being in a vortex means that you are vibrationally attuned to your desires. It is represented by feelings such as enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy and appreciation. Getting out of the vortex means that you are energetically inclined, that you are not letting go of the good things you have called for. You often feel frustrated, hopeless, scared or angry. The pyramid can contribute to a sense of calm, well-being and a more open and positive attitude, as well as improve telepathic communication. The south side of the pyramid signifies warmth, the north side represents cold, the west side symbolizes darkness, and the east side light. Triangular sides signify triple spiritual power. They strengthen the power of concentration and activate the capacity of the human being to expand consciousness. When it is built of a material such as stone, then the pyramid is able to collect energy from within to use it for everything in its vicinity. All the pyramids, whether in Egypt or elsewhere in the world, are arranged towards the magnetic north, which amplifies their energy and vortex power.

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Pyramid Releasing Negative Ions

Pyramids have a strong ionizing effect in our body and generate negative ions that help in the reproduction and repair of human cells. They are transferred into the body through the air. They increase oxygen uptake, circulate in the blood and have a positive effect on the body. A person exposed to a higher intensity of negative ions becomes more prone to greater feelings of love and compassion for others. Many people have also experienced that after sleeping in the pyramid, they feel they need less sleep. When they woke up they felt more relaxed and calm. In addition, too many positive ions can cause depression and eventually many other diseases.

Third Eye

The pineal gland of the so-called third eye is located in the geometric center of the brain. Serves as the center for the production of the hormone melatonin, which is involved in a variety of human activities, including regulating daily physical and circadian rhythms. Stress from the environment affects the function of the pineal gland. Therefore influences the body’s overall alertness, temperature level, and the work of hormones. Sometimes being near the pyramids is associated with temporary energetic nausea, apparently due to accumulated toxins in the body. The endocrine glands of the body are activated by the vibrations of the electric field of the pyramids. Those vibrations have a general balancing effect on the electromagnetic field and can help you create a conducive environment in which your body can function properly.



It is believed that meditation alongside the pyramid can completely rejuvenate the mind and body. It will increase resistance to stress and the pressures of daily life. By connecting thoughts from your conscious and subconscious mind, your ability to create new ideas is strengthened. It leads to effortlessly achieve laser-sharp focus and develop a goal-oriented mindset. Those who wear pyramid-shaped hats while studying improve their memory. Those who live or work in a pyramid-shaped building or meditate around or sleep under a pyramid experience positive, immediate reactions. Regardless of the number of people present, meditating near the pyramid increases your willpower, relaxes your muscles, and disperses your mind.

Environmental Pyramid Effects

Water retains its “charge” longer than anything else. When water is filled, the oxygen molecule is filled, because the oxygen molecule is the element in water that forms the ‘octahedral crystal’. After a certain time in the pyramid, the water loses the chlorine taste and develops its beneficial and healing effects. Seeds that are kept in the pyramid for one to five days before sowing produce a higher yield. As the plants do not get sick and are not affected by drought. Plants grown under the pyramid grow about twice as fast and look healthier and less harmful to insects. The pyramid allows things to dry out and mummify, but it does not allow rot or fusion. Food stays fresh two to three times longer, and its artificial flavours lose their taste. Natural flavours are intensified. The growth of microorganisms is also slowed or stopped altogether, and these plants have an altered molecular structure. Research has shown that the viscosity of the oil under the pyramids has been reduced. The amount of undesirable substances in the oil, such as pyrobitumen and paraffin disappeared. The atmosphere surrounding the pyramid is protected from storms. Resulting in an overall reduction in violent weather patterns that occur in the area where the pyramid is located. Animals also respond very harmoniously to the pyramid shape of the energy environment. All of that enables a continuous flow of energy in the pyramid.

pyramid nature

Within the boundaries of the pyramids there is a great magnetic concentration that protects man and his body from the harmful effects of negative energies. The power of ancient pyramids and objects of similar shape holds special secrets. Certainly our knowledge of pyramidal structures is essential to understanding the present and projecting the future. Perhaps the pyramidal structure as a cosmic antenna forms a window between knowledge and projection that puts us in a magical state of mind.

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