Top 5 Europe’s Mystical places

Starting from the popular Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Bermuda Triangle, Blood Falls, Reed Flute Cave, Door To Hell, and continuing into an endless list, Mystical places are all over the world, maybe more in some part of the world, but every continent sure has at least a Mystical place. Here are the top 5 of Europe’s Mystical places.

This write will cover five places in Europe that’ll leave you either “aww-ing” or “wow-ing.”

Moving from the Northern part of Europe, the Wistman’s Wood in Devon, England is a sight worthy to behold as the mangled woodland is covered in thick moss, twisted trees, boulders, and wildflowers. One is sure to keep their mouth half-open at first sight. You’ll probably feel like you’re in a Harry Potter scene or a fairy-tale movie. Although, people are partially being kept off the woodland, in a bid to conserve its delicate features. Other sites that can be of mystical interests are The Mermaid’s Pool, Chalice Well, and Puzzlewood which is similar to the Wistman’s Wood.

Drach Caves

In the Southern part of Europe is the Drach Caves (Cuevas del Drach) in Spain. The “Dragon Caves” as it’s popularly called by some, is another Mystical place where the eyes and aesthetical sense can be pleased. The turquoise water reflects the stone formations on its surface (the stalactites). Apart from being whisked away to another world by the magical view of the lake and the beautiful light show, the classical music performance inside the cave makes everything more surreal. Another place like this in this area is the Vertical Garden in Barcelona.

Lake Svetloyar
Lake Svetloyar

In Russia, a country spanning its territory in both Europe and Asia, Lake Svetloyar is located east of the Ural mountains. It is associated with the Legend of Kitezh, a sunken city. In the 13th century, the Mongols were rapidly moving west, hoping to quickly reach the Mediterranean. At the Russian Stronghold just as the horde reached it and was about to take it over. From under the city pavements, high-water fountains hammered – and in a matter of minutes, all the buildings disappeared behind a shield formed by seething streams. When the noise subsided and the water curtain “fell”, only the surface of the lake opened up to the enemy’s gaze. No walls, no streets, no people… They didn’t even drown but melted away. Nowadays, people hear deep sounds at the lake’s surface, and many reported they saw reflections of the city. Researchers assume that there are two secret lake bottoms.

Sapadere Canyon

Another certainly interesting mystical place is the Sapadere Canyon in a country of two territories, Turkey. Deep in the Sapadere village is where the Canyon can be found. It is simply “a retreat into nature.” Its numerous shades of green scattered over the mountains with cascading sparkling water are quite therapeutic. The area is cool, with many other waterfalls surrounding it not also forgetting the sound of the chirping birds. Other sites include Sumela Monastery and Cappadocia.


As the popular saying goes, “the best is saved for the last” in Europe’s mystical places list. Kjeragbolten can simply be described as a boulder between two cliffs. It can be found in Lysefjordan, Norway. Though it takes a challenging hike to get to the site then, the view is totally worth the hassle. Well, it’s not just the foggy magical view that fascinates the people but the thrilling rush of emotion gotten from standing on the suspended Kjeragbolten, 948m deep into an abyss is just the icing on the cake! Other fascinating areas include Mons Klint, Frederiksborg Castle, and the Men by the Sea.

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