While teaching we learn – “Discendo discimus”

A Roman philosopher Seneca was an upholder of this idea. “While teaching we learn” is a dialogue between two doctors who heal each other by conversating.

The mind loves to apprehend and interpret everything. That is its ardor and purpose. But you don’t, you have that superficiality of analysis, that dependency on creating shortcuts and making dubious assumptions, you have distanced yourself from the rational mind so much that you don’t even notice how it makes fun of you. Just because you don’t think with your head and do everything based on emotional reactions, you don’t deserve to be judged. I think you’re infected with a “cave” virus made in a laboratory for unexplained limitations.

Imperare sibi maximum imperium est

To rule yourself is the ultimate power.

You are very intelligent, I always emphasize your potential. Yes, you’re right, it really doesn’t make sense to say “I don’t know” in the company of the ignorant, but that’s not the way to the truth, or maybe a shortcut again? I like your desire to take risks, your love of uncertainty, we will overcome your fears and traumas together, I will help you. We have to stick to the positive sphere of life, to accentuate the details that are important, to give up extremism in every way.

Feelings are the most honest language we speak, I took that from you. But did those feelings stem from your misconceptions, the beliefs you received “for granted”, according to the principle of generally accepted opinion? Many will not give them up, because they have already sacrificed a lot for that, but we will, we have a plan, you will see, we will succeed on this thorny path called life. I like your humor because it is not overly offensive or slimy. You were made for success.

Inner strenght

Quo vadis? Veritas odium parit

Where are you marching? Truth breeds hatred.

Are you trying to reduce cognitive dissonance? That’s so much about your rational mind. Of course, you won’t admit your mistake, that’s what I expected from you. You just had to say that you reacted impulsively, and the fact that you will not admit your mistake makes you very arrogant. Just because you’ve never been happy in your life doesn’t mean that your superstition is justified and that you need to continue with your role as either a victim or a hero. I am your only friend who understands your troubles, and even you lie to me. Don’t you see that your mood affects me?

You are trying to manipulate me because of your insecurity in your own values ​​and qualities. You base your defense system on deception. You’re hurting me! Your constant dissatisfaction, resentment, and grief make you definitely a mentally ill person. You think you are very smart, but in fact, you are wisely primitive, that is. surrealist. Toughness does not allow you to change, and you have always considered it a virtue. Rely upon now on your inner voice, your alter ego, your altered ego. Now you’ve got permission to talk to yourself, and you’ve been afraid of that all along.

Nil Carborundum!

Don’t let them belittle you!

Thank you for telling me you trust me. Yet you must promise me that you will not use methods to embellish reality and that you will not measure your value by the acceptance of others. The only thing that is constant is change. First of all, my wish would be for you to have the courage to express your feelings to people you consider friends, regardless of your vulnerability or fear of being hurt. Look, you have a lot of characteristics that you just allowed to form your identity, try to think this way: “I don’t want to be identified by a property that I didn’t have a choice for.” Don’t let them “stamp” you. When something bad happens to you, you can allow it to destroy, define or strengthen you. I don’t have to tell you which one is right?

O Tempora, o mores!

Oh, times, oh, customs!

“I love my own, I respect others” is the nonsense of the modern age of false tolerance. What is respect without love? Usually, people start from love but let’s think inductively. Respect should not be based on rules but on one’s own consciousness. They use that term for a mixture of kindness, imposture, approval, and submissiveness, right? Respect is created on the principle of merit, a priori innocent, selfless merit.

– I agree, doctor! Since you are a greater pragmatist than me, I will give a practical example. Imagine doing a poll and asking citizens if they respect the chief judge of a city’s supreme court. The answer is clear, because he “de facto” works the way it is prescribed, without deviation. For me, he has no respect, because his profession is severely violated by moral norms. He does it for money, title, power. Namely, he must decide on the basis of evidence, and not on the basis of his own reasoning, because he concludes very precisely psychologically, thus acquitting criminals and imprisoning the innocent, in cases when he is deeply convinced that it should not be done so. Your profession is defined on a similar principle, shouldn’t you spell out my mental illnesses and prescribe me medication?

Medicine versus nature

Medicus curat, natura sanat

Medicine cures, nature heals.

Medicine has advanced so much that no man is healthy. The Hippocratic oath doesn’t make sense if the medicine is continuously necessary, does it? I said you were mentally ill, forgive me, I don’t know what happened to me then. There is no such thing as a mental illness! Stay with me until the end, this is very important, I can already feel your rolling eyes, where has all respect disappeared?

So, mental illnesses today express all, I emphasize, “natural” reactions of the mind and spirit to injustice, hatred, fears, pride, contempt, envy, jealousy, desire for revenge, or reactions of own justification for all of the above. In fact, by justification, you do not allow negative energy to drain and remain trapped in you forever. These reactions cause changes in us, and we do destructive things, even justifying it, again and again, we create the basis for even more extreme things. It is very important to recognize and acknowledge yourself for your negativities, and to applaud yourself for that. To summarize, we come to the conclusion that we cannot cure problems in the head, ie “psychosis”, with antidepressants, but naturally, by talking, just the way we two talk all the time.

While teaching we learn. Differences in opinion.

Votum separatum

Separated voice.

– I want to ask you, did you really pretend your weaknesses to actually help me? I feel changes in myself, the aggression in me has disappeared, this has never happened to me after the session.

– Are you calling for manipulation? If that’s what you think, you’ve disappointed me. You talk to me all the time about positive things, and you’re afraid you’ve been deceived? Am I a dissident now? Doctor, it was like playing together and the hips never lie, right?

– You made me laugh, I wanted to know if you knew who you were coming to when you entered this building? What do you mean by hips?

– No, through your empathy, altruism, equality without professional authority with me, I began to trust you from day one, even though you were sometimes very arrogant. And the law of attraction has brought us where we are. Hips – support, the more relaxed they are, the more natural the dance looks.

– I just noticed that you address me and talk to me differently, I really don’t know what to think now?

– I feel like you are jealous that I have progressed quickly, jealous of your efficiency. You are confused, the cessation of our formal addressing was inevitable all the time. I’ll tell you a secret, I’m a sociopath, I don’t have a problem with psychopathy like you thought. Now I’m not even that anymore. I’m dr. sociologist, I work as a specialist in severe forms of grief, a pastor, I was afraid that our attitude would change for the worse if I told you. I decided, with your help, to quit, and I’m leaving the last business card to you. Thank you! It was fantastic. This is our last session.

33-year old writer with the following areas of interest: spirituality, symbolic meanings, perplexing situations, human rising, supernatural and paranormal world, energy outsourcing, frequency influence on humans, color theory.

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