Because you are roseate

There is no perfect but unique one? “Because you are roseate” is a story that takes you to the world of fantasy and romantic moments.

Do you have some time for me, I’ll tell you how I dreamed about you last night? On rare occasions, I recall that I had a dream at all, but I know every single detail of this roseate one.

It started quietly, in the morning, before the fallow. No one’s in the way. Red and blue are gleaming in the sky. In that direction we walk, one by one. You are telling me about the problems of today’s world. You are trying so hard to explain the contemporary paradoxes that an ordinary man will never understand. I thought, “It really means to you that I understand you, because of so much effort.” Sometimes I take a look at you, not just by virtue of the etiquette, but due to personal satisfaction.

Rain and flowers

It begins to rain, a very unusual color. Roseate. “Enjoy,” you stopped talking and we slowly turn our views to the sky, while in the silence, rain massages our cheeks. And at the same time, it is almost impossible to give up the eyes on your face.

roseate flowers

The rain has ceased, the twilight is gone, the sun has already flown above the horizon. There is a flower field in front of us. “I bet you didn’t see anything more beautiful,” you say, as you show me the petals of flowers gathered with dew in the sunshine. “This is not reality, this is magic” with a mutual reaction, a smile!

Waking up

Unfortunately, the width of your lips has awakened me. Since last night I’ve been looking at you differently because I think you’re the same in reality. I was aware of you, you were honest, unusually open. I had the opportunity to look upon at your prism, but again, many colors were blurry, yet one was overwhelming. Why are you so mysterious and magical? I found it out. Because you’re roseate.

Beautiful rain drops on roseate roses

Sophistication and uniqueness

Girl of the New Age. Very much charming, in an unconventional way. Raw beauty, atypical haircuts, and recognizable gestures. She wears skirts and blouses with a striking print. Whatever it takes she will do to keep away from the “middle ladies”, but again nothing to get her away from her sophistication. Her lifestyle/character is beyond any norm. Each of her ornaments, each of her actions has a meaning. Others don’t like her eccentricity, but I will rather call it uniqueness.

She is a child. That’s what she wants to be. Creativity forbids her to grow up. Therefore her extraordinary manners come unexpectedly. Her imposing outlook of the world seems to make many feel shallow in her presence, and similar epithets they give her in gossip parties. She notes this and uses it as a way of selecting the company. She will never allow it to be beaten by the agony of life, she will smile in the toughest moments, but not because of pain. Her unusual, sweet chuckle is her strongest weapon. I think her interlocutors get so fascinated, that they stop at moments to accompany her and her a very much fast tongue. How rare it is to find something rosy in nature is so difficult to find a girl like her.

roseate princess

Roseate princess

If I was the one to decide your head would be heavier for a crown, but not for gold than for flowers one from your garden where you can lose without a map. Your kindness would cause the state of the enchantment of your personnel, everyone would be happy to see you. In the morning, you would be awakened by the sun rays together with your favorite instrumental. Rainy days you would miss a lot because instead of water, mysterious roseate flowers would fall and called after you. Real rain would be hunted out of your walls and the most beautiful songs out of it would be made for you.

roseate sunlight

Roseate attraction force

I must admit to you something you probably don’t know. Roseate souls are recognized among themselves. Their art side manages to be attracted to each other. We are like masons, we share telepathic energy, empathy holds us together even hundreds of miles away. Like public figures, we don’t like publicity and meet in secret places. As psychologists, we have an empty expression on our face, we’re walking lie detectors. Like detectives, we play psychological games with ordinary humans and use codes in communication. As strangers, they don’t take us seriously, our phenomenon is their mystery. Like playful kittens, we make challenges to each other, we don’t bear boredom. Like super-sentimentalists, we’re not afraid of the sincerity of our feelings, we love unconditionally and are never hungry, love is our food.

roseate hair


As I write about you, I recalled why I dreamed about you like that. I know you like puzzles. “I would like to watch twilight with you because it’s the same color as you are. You are the gentle side of my fire.”

33-year old writer with the following areas of interest: spirituality, symbolic meanings, perplexing situations, human rising, supernatural and paranormal world, energy outsourcing, frequency influence on humans, color theory.

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