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Helping the stray cat

The stray cat who is helped by kind-hearted children Eva was asleep, all enjoying her dreams. "My dear, get up for breakfast. We'll all be...

Piercing sound

A young woman began to hear a piercing sound "No… P-please no. Don't…" I was shaking my head, squirming, trying to wake up from my...

Candle in the ocean

A man who lives his whole life timidly The compass seemed to fall in slow motion. The man hadn’t meant to throw it overboard. He...

Because you are roseate

There is no perfect but unique one? "Because you are roseate" is a story that takes you to the world of fantasy and romantic...

Phoenix’s lifeless outlook

A man meets Phoenix and asks him about the life paradoxes Lord of fire, what is the most important human trait? I began to doubt...

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