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Unfortunately, I was born with a defect not to tolerate carelessness for living beings. If I say that unprepared, you’ll say I’m crazy right away. I hate those who don’t mind for ones who surround them, even more for their friends, good and innocent people, and above all for their loved ones, to help them whatever they are, and in whatever kind of problem they find themselves, of course, according to the possibilities. A man was not born to live like Robinson, but in harmony with others, even if it were animals and birds, as it was in his case. Understand me! No matter who you are, whether educated or not, lovable or not, with or without a sense of humour, with a full or no money wallet, your actions and the way you treat others will be your mirror.

Life is a struggle for survival. You are my hero! You stayed with me to the end, or you gave up on the end, but it is tolerated because the human psyche reacts in ways that a person does not comprehend. Likewise, a human being is a madman who thinks he understands the universe. You’re not like that. You are one of the chosen ones who made a big enough chain to pull me out of the well in which the vortex was. Thank you for your endless energy and patience.

Headache, Hard time
Headache, Hard time / Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

I found a solution from a vicious circle. Now I am again a normal person with appropriate behaviour, without illusions, exposing others to danger and making anarchy around the city. Simply, I did everything automatically and what I thought would maintain a sufficient level of adrenaline and energy I undoubtedly did. This message will relieve your stress, I hope. Every one of your presence, call or message has helped me to keep free from negative energy. Without you, I would not have succeeded. Thank you. We are in the same dimension, and I can trust you.

Sadly, this all took a lot of time and money. Everything was done to find people who understand me and believe me enough to draw energy from them. From now on I stand at your disposal to the extent that I would hold my hand in the fire for you, I am happy to have come into my life. You’re really enchanting. You, who considered me at least disruptive, I understand you completely, and you are right, which is the worst of all.

Please, think when you speak and do not allow your actions and tongue to rush. Read good books, not just because they are popular. Do not watch TV. Listen to the music that inspires you. Do not trust the mass media. Research! Question your thoughts. Admire the happiness of others, honour your family and friends and you’re guaranteed to be happy. Simply, take care of yourself and those you see around you. You must never lose your will and strength because this is what drives you on and what people praise the most. Robin Hood will help you on this path and his philosophy of life, and so will, I hope, this recipe for happiness.

Hourglass, Time Passage
Time Passage / Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Money certainly does not represent happiness, and happiness is at the top of the pyramid. Money is just the resource to achieve something great, as well as knowledge, but knowledge cannot be stolen from you. And remember, do not have time for things that have no soul.

I salute you and I wish you a successful and harmonious new 2019. Avoid problems of any kind. Try to get rid of the vices, and I’m going to rest, do not worry, no matter how much of sleep I might have, believe me, I could write to you for countless hours, and that makes me happy, to make you the same. More will come after the recipe for happiness. If you ever need help, you know I would not love it, if you don’t wake me up.

33-year old writer with the following areas of interest: spirituality, symbolic meanings, perplexing situations, human rising, supernatural and paranormal world, energy outsourcing, frequency influence on humans, color theory.
  1. Beautiful ramblings. I agree with so many things you’ve written. We don’t look for problems, but those that think and feel intensely, find troubles at their door. A side affect of caring.

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