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unconditional love

What unconditional love means?! [True story]

How would you define unconditional love? For many, love is pure self-love. They like the idea that unconditional love is the deeper meaning of life, the reason we exist. They are in love with the...
Mysterious Crow-Woman

The Mysterious Crow

"Oh my world!" exclaimed Allan, who had just realized he had dozed off under a tree house on his farm land. He had totally lost track of time and it had gotten so late...
Wistman's Wood

Top 5 Europe’s Mystical places

Starting from the popular Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Bermuda Triangle, Blood Falls, Reed Flute Cave, Door To Hell, and continuing into an endless list, Mystical places are all over the world, maybe more in...
Hagia Sophia under the blue sky

Hagia Sophia: Facts, History, Myths You Don’t Know

One of Istanbul's most popular destinations for visitors is Hagia Sophia, officially known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom. This Byzantine church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the...
group of people using good body language

Body Language: Tips and Tricks

Human communication is complex and, as you may already know, it doesn’t concern exclusive words. Other than our voices, we communicate with our silence, our gestures, our posture, our position in the space, our...
the chapter will initiate

Minda’s dream catcher: the chapter will initiate. Chapter 4

The chapter will initiate soon, it is said. A mysterious dream catcher has aroused even more of a spirit of inquiry, now that it has been linked to a spider and an alarming entity...
While teaching we learn

While teaching we learn – “Discendo discimus”

A Roman philosopher Seneca was an upholder of this idea. "While teaching we learn" is a dialogue between two doctors who heal each other by conversating. The mind loves to apprehend and interpret everything. That...

Pyramid Mysteries Unravelled

The pyramid was one of the first forms of great monumental architecture built by man. It is the most mathematically complete structure in the world. The word "pyramid" comes from the Greek "pyro", which...
In the library, looking for information about the trickster spirit

Minda’s dream catcher: a trickster spirit story. Chapter 3.

A certain trickster spirit has stirred the story and now a cause of concern. A dream catcher souvenir of a special kind has already aroused much suspicion and so far certain clues have...

Facts about numbers 0 to 9

Facts about numbers 0 to 9 are all about this post is. Numbers are a tool we use to express some quantity, but not anything quality. Numbers are a tool we use to express some...
who stole the gem, Lion wonders

Who stole Lion’s gem?!

Moral kid's story about bunny, fox, and lion. Lion's Gem has vanished, he needed to find out who stole the Gem. A short story for children. The Forest began to tremble as the Sun rose...

Minda’s dream catcher: A hidden spider story. Chapter 2

A native american story, a hidden spider story. The second chapter of this intriguing short story series surrounding the mysterious dream catcher, or as Minda would call it, the spider. Evan Reyes is on...

Leaf in the wind

A short story about the comfort zone, freedom, hunger for uncertainty. The leaf in the wind is the effect of a desire for lack of control. In fact, I am against the attitude “live each...

Famous quotes about how precious life is

Famous quotes can be very helpful when you don’t know what you want out of life. Life itself is a great gift, full of ups and downs, and that is why it is extremely...

Minda’s dream catcher: a native American story. Chapter 1

Dream catcher, save me from the darkness in my soul. Dream catcher, let me see the future I don't know. Help me hold on tight and don't let go.Caeland Garner It was a breezy March...
Piercing sound made her a queen

Piercing sound

A young woman began to hear a piercing sound in her head. Researching about her phenomenon, she came to a surprising place. "No… P-please no. Don't…" I was shaking my head, squirming, trying to wake...
one day we will meet in heaven

One day we will meet in heaven

A short story about a withdrawn student who meets a brave girl who he marries. "One day we will meet in heaven" was a message which separated them. The day was bright, and the air...
candle in the ocean

Candle in the ocean

He looks at the past and remembers how his mom helped him find his stuffed pet. Candle in the ocean helps him to find a ship and save himself. The compass seemed to fall in...
[:en]because you're roseate[:]

Because you are roseate

There is no perfect but unique one? "Because you are roseate" is a story that takes you to the world of fantasy and romantic moments. Do you have some time for me, I'll tell you...
[:en]uncomfortable vice[:]

Uncomfortable vice

A story describing his addiction and how he plans to quit smoking imagining a cigarette as a black magic woman, as an uncomfortable vice. Not so early, they pronounced me a smoker. Why now, when...
[:en]i want to earn less[:]

I want to earn less

Is there enough when getting wealthier? Can more money make us unhappier? "I want to earn less" is a story that tries to find out the answers. Dear "proletarian", you and I share the same...
[:en]Phoenix's lifeless outlook[:]

Phoenix’s lifeless outlook

A man meets Phoenix and asks him about the life paradoxes, but gets answers which are rather confusing. Phoenix's lifeless outlook is a story about power, manipulation and bravery. Lord of fire, what is the...
passionate whirl of tenderness

Passionate whirl of tenderness

Have you ever wondered how affection can be so complex? The passionate whirl of tenderness is one descriptive story about it. Out of nowhere, you appeared, you are just here, in front of me. With...
recipe for happiness

Recipe for happiness

Have you ever wondered how life can be easy? The recipe for happiness should help you to find your inner satisfaction. Unfortunately, I was born with a defect not to tolerate carelessness for living beings....